Past Event Materials

2021 Webinars

September 23rd Webinar - "What You Need to Know About “The State of Skills in 2021” Report": 

Webinar Recording

Access Code: %fdL$1&!

Presentation PDF

Skill Data Handbook

The State of Skills

August 11th Webinar - "Succession Planning Toolkit": 

Webinar Recording

July 22nd Webinar - "Results through Relationships Workshop": 

Webinar Recording

Access Code: @N.11cg$

June ATD Regional Webinar Series- "Re-Engage Employees Through Manager Empowerment"

Webinar Recording

PDF of Presentation

May 20th Webinar - "Scenario-Based Learning": 

Webinar Recording

Access Code: c#g@xFY9

Scenario-Based Learning Presentation

May 6th Webinar - "Changing/Pivoting your L&D Strategy to Meet the Current Environment": 

Webinar Recording

Access Code: X2smphd+

April 21st Webinar - "New Member Onboarding" with ATD Board: 

Webinar Recording

Access Code: e$mU4P*q

New Member Onboarding Presentation

April 8th Webinar - "Virtual Mentoring in a Time of Crisis: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic" with Seena Mortazavi: 

Webinar Recording

Access Code: #Hhjs3eb

YouTube Interview

March 11th Webinar - "The Evolving Role of the Learning Leader" with Mike Prokopeak: 

Webinar Recording

Access Code: F#hDf2&Z

February 11th Webinar - "Lessons on Employee Experience from the Hospitality Industry"

Webinar Recording

Access Code: ?6^b&iq7

February 4th Webinar - "Optimizing the Virtual Learner Experience"

Webinar Recording

VILT Design Standards Public Version 10202020.pdf

2020 Webinars

September 15th Webinar - "7 Steps for Upskilling Your Workforce" 

Webinar Recording

July 23 Webinar - "Digital Mindset of Leadership." 

Webinar Recording

 Access Code: +eY+zw3C

June 16 Webinar - "A Look Ahead: The Now and the Next of Learning and Technology" with David Kelly: 

Webinar Recording

Password: 7q+#%74^

May 14 Webinar - "Creating a Coaching Culture so that L&D Initiatives Stick” with Meredith Bell: 

Webinar Recording

Access Code: 7W%B!.e1

May 7 Webinar - "ATD's New Talent Development Capability Model” with Morgean Hirt: Greater Philly Capability Model Slide Deck 2020 (1).pdf

April 16 Webinar - "Building Relationships While Working Remotely: The Role of Trust and Empathy" with Mohamed Latib: 

Webinar Recording

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