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All ATD-PHL program events align with the ATD Competency Model and Communities of Practice. Click the event name below to view more details and to register online. 

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If a SIG or GIG event is canceled, we will send an email to all registrants letting them know. If an event needs to be postponed, you will remain registered for the event.  If you can't make the new date, email, and ATD-PHL will credit your registration fee to your account to be used at a future event in the same programming year.

Upcoming events

    • June 15, 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Learning Delivered Right to your Desk!

    Are you looking for an innovative way to enhance your corporate training programs? Look no further than ChatGPT. This session will introduce you to the capabilities of this powerful language model, and show you how it can be used to support your training efforts.

    In this session, you will learn:

    * What is ChatGPT and how it works

    * How to use ChatGPT to support your talent development initiatives

    * Examples of how ChatGPT has been used in the corporate talent development space

    By the end of the session, you will have a clear understanding of the potential of ChatGPT and how to use it to support your training efforts. You will also have the opportunity to set up an account and ask ChatGPT questions to see the technology in action. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to transform your training programs with the power of ChatGPT.

    Speaker's Bio:

    Stan Skrabut | Author of 80 Ways to Use ChatGPT in the Classroom: Using AI to Enhance Teaching and Learning

    Stan Skrabut is a card-carrying lifelong learner who has spent his career helping people and organizations achieve improved performance. He is a scholar, teacher, author, veteran, martial artist, and avid reader. Throughout his working life, he has changed roles and responsibilities countless times. He worked as a guard, organizational trainer, instructional technologist, webmaster, systems programmer, lecturer, and director. He uses informal learning, especially reading, as a way to improve himself and subsequently his teams. His interest in informal learning inspired his dissertation topic, Study of Informal Learning Among University of Wyoming Extension Educators.

    He lives with his wife and two dogs in Rhode Island. Nomadic in nature, he loves to travel and has lived in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, and various locations across the United States. His number one passion is helping others achieve their goals. He has been a member of ATD for over ten years and this is his third chapter.

    • June 21, 2023
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Your Home Office

    This unique talk with feature a Q&A with Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior and Ethics Dr. Linda Treviño. The moderator will ask Professor Treviño a set of prepared questions about the topic of ethical leadership and organizational culture, and then field questions from participants.

    Professor Treviño 's research focuses on understanding ethical and unethical conduct in work organizations. Her current research includes work on ethical culture, ethical leadership, moral disengagement, impacts on and outcomes of speaking up in organizations, and identity issues as they relate to ethics officers and dyslexics in the workplace. She also studies academic integrity issues including honor codes as organizational change initiatives.

    ATD Capability Model Alignment

    Building Personal Capability: Compliance and Ethical Behavior

    Developing Professional Capability: Coaching

    Impacting Organizational Capability: Organizational Development and Culture

    Speaker Bio:

    Dr. Linda K. Treviño | Professor

    Color portrait of Linda K. Trevino

    Linda K. Treviño is Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior and Ethics in the Department of Management and Organization in the Smeal College of Business at The Pennsylvania State University. Professor Treviño served as Chair of the Department of Management and Organization for four and a half years and currently serves as the Director of the Shoemaker Program in Business Ethics. She holds a Ph.D. in management which has contributed to her unique focus on business ethics as a management issue.

    Starting with her 1986 conceptual article proposing a model of ethical decision making in organizations, her research on the management of ethical conduct in organizations is widely cited and is known internationally. Her work (more than 90 articles) has been published in the Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Management, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, and other top research journals. Her research has also caught the attention of ethics officers and has influenced the way ethics is being managed in organizations. She has also co-authored a widely used textbook with Katherine Nelson entitled Managing Business Ethics; Straight Talk About How to do it Right,published by John Wiley in 1995 (8th edition in press). Professor Treviño received the best paper award from the prestigious Academy of Management Review in 1993 for her article on the social implications of punishment in organizations. This article was followed by two empirical studies, both published in Academy of Management Journal (1994, 1996). 

    In 2018, her research was found to be among the most impactful in terms of its presence in Management textbooks and her research was ranked in the top 1% by citations of multiple highly cited papers in Web of Science from 2006 – 2016. In 2019, she received the Eminent Leadership Scholar Award from the Network of Leadership Scholars.

    • June 28, 2023
    • 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM
    • Virtual

    The ATD Greater Philadelphia Chapter is proud to participate in the ATD Mid-Atlantic Webinar Series. This collaboration of 8 ATD chapters (including Central PA, Greater Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Mid NJ, Northern NJ, Long Island, New York City and West Virginia) brings together the best of our networks to provide world class presenters and content. We look forward to sharing these webinars with you throughout 2023!

    Imagine interacting with a learning program that is personalized just for you based on the skills you didn't even know you wanted to focus on. Or having access to data that helps you create a world-class program in half the time as it did a year ago. This is all now within reach with tools like AI, VR, and ChatGPT; but is the potential of these technologies being fully realized in the non-tech space? 

    Please join us for this exciting panel discussion where we will flex our “future readiness” muscle and explore how these cutting-edge tools are being applied in the world of Learning, Talent Development, and HR.

    Associated Credits: 1.25

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    Panelist Bios: 

    Graham Glass | Cypher Learning

    Graham Glass, MS is the CEO and founder of CYPHER Learning, offering game-changing training and learning solutions for businesses, education institutions, and entrepreneurs around the world. Graham is passionate about leveraging better experience design in digital platforms that delight learners and make organizations more effective. A serial entrepreneur and innovator, Graham took his university lectures on training dynamics to high-technology organizations, then launched a series of companies culminating in CYPHER Learning, whose platforms are used today by more than 20,000 organizations. He’s written multiple books and speaks internationally on the case for better learning systems in the 21st century.

    Nabeel Ahmad | / Columbia University

    Nabeel Ahmad, Ph.D. is co-founder of, an AI-powered consulting firm and data analysis platform that monitors sentiment in real-time. He teaches at Columbia University in human capital management topics on organizational learning strategy, digital HR and the digital workplace.  Nabeel authors the Four Minute University, where he shares actionable tips to learn better, using best practices and evidence-based approaches.

    Yelena Mammadova | McKinsey

    Yelena Mammadova, Ed.D. is a Learning and Talent Development Practitioner based in New York.  With a focus on human-centered design, Yelena is passionate about using advanced learning technologies to unlock human potential and transform organizations towards a skills-focused future. Yelena is a researcher in AI-enabled talent and learning practices and strives to bring innovation to the learning & talent development domains. Currently, Yelena is the Associate Director of Learning at McKinsey & Company, where she is driving a skills strategy where skills are embedded in people practices, including skills assessments, credentialing, and skills matching – and doing so by unleashing the power of AI.  Previously, she held senior learning and development positions at Amazon, Coinbase, Colgate-Palmolive, and other organizations.

    Jason Gulya | Berkeley University

    Jason Gulya, Ph.D. is a Professor of English at Berkeley College who teaches a variety of onsite and online courses on reading and writing, Literature, and the humanities. His current focus is on harnessing the power of AI to (a) enhance student learning, (b) save faculty members and professionals valuable time, and (c) prioritize critical thinking. Jason also works as a ChatGPT and AI consultant for colleges and corporations.

    • July 26, 2023
    • 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM
    • Virtual

    The ATD Greater Philadelphia Chapter is proud to participate in the ATD Mid-Atlantic Webinar Series. This collaboration of 8 ATD chapters (including Central PA, Greater Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Mid NJ, Northern NJ, Long Island, New York City and West Virginia) brings together the best of our networks to provide world class presenters and content. We look forward to sharing these webinars with you throughout 2023!

    Building an effective team is both art and science, but it shouldn’t be a mystery. Using the Extended DISC model as a guide, Dr. Travis Kahle will explore how colleagues with different personality and behavioral tendencies can complement each other and thrive. 

    Everyone has a unique personality, but years of research has shown that people generally fall into one of four primary categories- dominance (D -style), influence (I-style), steadiness (S-style), or correctness (C-style). While conflict at work is inevitable, there is a difference between healthy and destructive conflict. By acknowledging and understanding the four major personality styles, destructive conflict can often be managed or avoided altogether. 

    In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify the DISC styles and how to communicate effectively with individuals in each category. Participants will also discuss how to leverage diverse personalities to build effective and productive teams.

    Associated Credits: 1.25

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    ATD Recertification Credits: 

    ATD Mid-Atlantic Regional Webinar Programs are pre-approved through the ATD Greater Philadelphia Chapter by the ATD Certification Institute for continuing education credits towards recertification by Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credential holders.

    Speaker's Bio: 

    Dr. Travis Kahle | Doctor of Executive Leadership