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Learning & Development SIG Webinar

  • March 23, 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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Learning & Development SIG Webinar


iMOOCs: A New, Interactive Approach to Large-Scale Online Learning

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have received a fair amount of publicity, but mixed reviews overall. Participants appreciate the collaborative nature of MOOCs and their accessibility—but much of the learning is passive in style, which tends to be fairly ineffective, transfers poorly to on-the-job skill application, and doesn’t maintain participants’ interest. Today’s typical MOOC format is therefore not particularly well-suited for most corporate training needs. Companies are, nonetheless, interested in capturing the positive qualities of MOOCs.

We have developed a new model, the iMOOC, in order to address the shortcomings of the standard MOOC format while taking advantage of MOOCs' best qualities. iMOOCs incorporate some standard MOOC components but also include a variety of engaging interactions, which have been designed with substantial input from research in the areas of human motivation and cognition. In today's session, you'll see samples from real courses, explore learn-by-doing activities in which participants must decide the best approach to a situation, and view realistic video scenes that course participants must evaluate and discuss. This session includes demonstrations of actual course components, so you'll gain a deep understanding of the techniques and how you can apply them to your own needs.


David Guralnick, Ph.D.

David Guralnick holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University, where his work synthesized concepts from the fields of computer science, instructional design, and cognitive psychology. He has served as an e-learning consultant to companies ranging from multinational and Fortune 500 companies to non-profits, and is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences; founder of the International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace; Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal on Advanced Corporate Learning; Chair of the International E-Learning Awards; and an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University.  His work has been featured in Wired magazine, Training magazine (as an Editor’s Choice), and the Wall Street Journal, and he is the recipient of numerous e-learning design awards.

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