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The X Factor: A Panel Discussion on Successful Leadership Development Programs

  • May 09, 2019
  • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Blue Bell Country Club, 1800 Tournament Dr., Blue Bell, PA 19422



The X Factor: A Panel Discussion on Successful Leadership Development Programs

In today’s fast paced, ever changing world, leaders--now more than ever--need to unlock the talent of everyone on their teams—no matter what their difference.  It is by unlocking the best thinking and experiences because of who we are and what we know that allows companies to create value and drive performance in our consumer-led world.  So….is that even possible? 

Join the conversation and hear how one multi-national company has created an award-winning framework that accelerates the career advancement of talent from different genders and ethnic backgrounds.  Learn how to initiate a practical approach to creating systemic change from the original designer.  Gain insights about the “X” factor and why it works from graduates of the program in a panel discussion. 

If you want to make a difference by developing diverse talent where you work, you will want to join the dialogue.

Stephanie Trotter

Stephanie Trotter is an internal executive coach at GSK.  With diverse experiences as a business leader, organizational development consultant, in talent management, and leadership development, she supports the transformational growth of leaders at GSK.  While being a collaborative coach, she challenges her clients to have the courage to explore who they are, what is important to them, and pursue their dreams.  Stephanie is known to be a strong strategic thinker while grounded in practical business approaches and a solution-oriented mind set.  Real world experiences shape her coaching from her background as a sales leader who has worked in the trenches.  Her coaching clients vary from women in leadership to senior executives in R&D, the commercial organization, IT, and human resources.  What energizes Stephanie the most about coaching is seeing people become more powerful when they tap into their potential, live their purpose, and pursue their passions.

As a member of the coaching team, she contributes to GSK’s award-winning coaching initiatives by shaping the design of the Accelerating Differences program, training Job Plus coaches, and partnering with leaders to use new and different coaching approaches to meet their business needs.

Her passion is spending time with her family going to the beach, bike riding, or being a soccer mom for Jonathan (11) and Emily (10).

Her coaching experiences include:

  • Co-create a conversation with leaders to define an inspiring vision, strategies,  and prioritize what they need to focus on to deliver real business results

  • Trusted coach and advisor to senior executives who want to create a high performance culture

  • Partner with VPs and Sr. VPs to accelerate transitions into broader leadership roles

  • Support women in leadership who want to achieve their career ambitions, while being true to themselves and focusing on what matters most to them



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