Chapter Webinar: "Unconscious Bias: Understanding Bias to Unleash Potential."

  • July 10, 2020
  • 8:15 AM - 9:45 AM
  • Learning Delivered Right to your Desk!


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NOTE: Morning Webinar

8:15-9:45 AM

Please join us for an exclusive experience where we will dive deep into the topic of unconscious bias, its impact on organizational results, and how understanding bias can be leveraged to improve employee engagement.

Bias shows up in many forms and affects how we make decisions, engage with others and respond to various situations and circumstances, often limiting potential. There is nothing more fundamental to performance than how we see and treat each other as human beings.

This webinar offers a principle-based and practical approach to identifying and addressing bias in our everyday life. It does so by going beyond simply raising awareness to helping participants build practical skills that let them recognize bias in action and counter its potentially harmful effects.

You will learn about the following 3 principles:

  1. Identify Bias - Recognize the impact of bias on behaviors, decisions, and performance.
  2. Cultivate Connection - Increase empathy and curiosity in personal interactions to surface and explore bias.
  3. Choose Courage - Explore ways to face bias with courage and create the space where everyone is respected, included, and valued.

Speaker Bio & Photo

Susan Sabo joined FranklinCovey in 2012, continuing a solid business career. When working with clients, she quickly becomes their partner. That partnership, in turn, helps yield results for organizations and their employees. Participants note that she embraces the subject matter, is light-hearted, and engages them throughout sessions. Susan has a successful record working in a variety of industries including technology, consulting, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, AED, and manufacturing.

Susan has a BA in business administration. She’s been a major account manager for a telecom company, an independent productivity consultant, a marketer for a leading software developer, and a sales rep for a computer hardware company.

 Kim Jabbar has facilitated for FranklinCovey for over twenty-five years. She loves sharing life-changing principles and hearing the transformation they are making in people's lives, teams, families and organizations. Her clients have included a cross-section of industries including pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, banking and finance, retail, education and government. Kim has 25 years’ experience in the productivity and personal effectiveness realm and over 15 years in the diversity and leadership realms. 

She has a bachelor of business administration in marketing and communication.

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