L&D Philly 

Solve Measurement Mysteries Like an L&D Detective 

Thursday, January 21st

7 - 8:30pm 

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How do you measure the impact of learning? Are your training and learning programs designed for results? Is there a way to evaluate the effectiveness of your training and learning programs?

  • Proactively plan for impact by aligning training and learning with business goals.
  • Target your training programs and learning solutions with specific performance outcomes for achieving business goals.
  • Create an impact blueprint for direction on how to impact business goals and employee performance.
  • Use instructional design techniques that drive impact.
  • Gather facts, clues, evidence, and data that show how training and learning impacts business goals and employee performance.

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Instilling Self-Accountability Between Yourself and Others 

Thursday, January 28th

12 - 1:00pm 

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Having a culture of accountability is essential to any organization in order to have effective execution. Without it, deadlines can be missed, quality may suffer, and conflicts between individuals and groups could occur.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the value of shifting from “The leader needs to hold their people accountable” to “I (the employee) need to step up and hold myself accountable”
  • Learn the behaviors that define/demonstrate Self-Accountability (BRAND model)
  • Recognize the fallacy behind certain phrases and their relationship to Self-Accountability
  • Learn how to instill Self-Accountability in others (3 Rs)
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