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Trainer's Edge SIG

  • January 25, 2014
  • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Montgomery County Community College, Parkhouse Hall (PH) 124, 340 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422


  • Non-Members may attend 2 SIG meetings at no cost. If they wish to attend a third meeting they must either pay the $30 registration fee or join ASTD PHL Chapter

"Interrupting Unconscious Bias" with Laura Antal

Program Description:

Learn about the breakthroughs in the neuro and cognitive sciences which are leading us to deeper and more powerful understandings of how the human mind sees and relates to other people. Participants will assess conscious and unconscious preferences, apply tools to interrupting unconscious biases, and practice using inclusive behaviors.


  • Assess conscious and unconscious preferences
  • Introduce and practice using the “Four Steps to Challenging Assumptions” tool
  • Identify and practice using inclusive behaviors to lead, inspire and sustain inclusive teams

Prework Recommended

In this session, we will be discussing unconscious bias. We ask you to complete a 10 minute Implicit Association Test (IAT), which helps measure unconscious bias. This will help us identify challenges and opportunities that we face as leaders. The purpose of this session is to uncover unconscious biases, replace them with inclusive behaviors, and develop strategies to lead inclusive and high-performing teams.  The IAT is simply one tool that may be helpful to you in this process. It is not mandatory to complete before the session, but will be helpful to getting the most out of the session.

Results Confidential - Please understand that nobody will have access to any of your test results. These will remain completely anonymous and confidential.  We will not ask you to reveal the results, we will only ask you to discuss the experience of completing the Implicit Associations Test.

About the Implicit Associations Test: Please read these directions thoroughly, and after you have read this email, please complete at least one of the exercises offered. 10 minutes per exercise. Complete 1 exercise for class. You may complete more, if desired.


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  • 4. Select a subject that interests you
  • 5. When it asks you for biographical data such as your age and race, please feel free to choose not to answer these questions. 

About the Speaker:


Laura Antal, MBA, CPLP is a Sr. Manager of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives. She is a visionary leader with ability to win executive and organizational support. She manages complex projects and trains high potential managers and executive leaders, inspiring performance and enhancing business results. Special areas of expertise include: Diversity Learning, Adult Learning Theory, Needs Analysis, Curriculum Development, Facilitation, Vendor Management, Program Management, Mentoring, Strategic Planning, Contract Management, and Virtual Training.

Laura obtained her certification in Professional Learning and Performance (CPLP) from American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a concentration in Business and Technical Writing from University of Delaware. Laura holds an MBA with Revans University, the University of Action Learning.  Laura is certified in Instructional Design from Langevin Learning and in Designing and Facilitating Synchronous Virtual Training from ASTD. She has received two certificates from American Management Association in Executive Leadership and Communications and has recently received her certification in Myers-Briggs® Step I and II Type Indicator. Laura co-leads the Special Interest Group, Trainers Edge, for ASTD Philadelphia, leading the industry in keeping up with recent trends in Learning and Performance.

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